10 Health Foods you should NOT eat! Here is the skinny.

  1. Soy
  • Mainly GMO.
  • Increases risk of certain cancers.
  • Very difficult to digest due to lack of the proper enzymes.
  • May contain the chemical glyphosate(chemical in roundup that is linked to cell death) especially if from US.    

      2.   Factory Farmed Meat, shrimp and Fish

  • Contain endogenous growth hormones (Canadian chicken and pork does not contain added hormones.  Read the label to ensure the chicken was raised in Canada)
  • Most animals are given prophylactic antibiotics (for prevention)
  • Most conventionally raised meat is fed corn, soy and may contain other chemicals.
  • Are usually not treated humanely.
  • Farm raised fish are in ponds that contain antibiotics, pesticides and disinfectants. Most atlantic salmon is farmed. Chose wild salmon (reliably sourced) every time over farmed salmon. Keep in mind it will probably be in the freezer section not the fresh section.
  • There are too many reasons not to eat shrimp to list here but read this article if you want more details.  https://draxe.com/shrimp-nutrition/
  • Try to eat less meat and choose local sources if possible.
    Check out this video. Very interesting insight.  Dead Doctors don’t lie presentation by Joel Wallach. I saw Joel Wallach do this presentation  live at the health conference in Toronto. https://youtu.be/ARB73jV4mro

      3.   Margarine

  • Trans Fats (even though many manufacturers have now removed this from margarine the fats they substituted with are still highly processed)
  • A better substitute for this would be coconut oil, grass fed better or ghee.  You can also buy a product by St.Francis that is made from organic virgin coconut oil and butter ghee.  You can buy as a spray or as a solid in a jar.

      4.   Vegetable oils

  • Canola oil is usually genetically modified and partially hydrogenated.  This oil is linked to developing many diseases including heart disease, diabetes and cancer.
  • HIGHLY inflammatory.
  • Corn and soybean oil  is also usually genetically modified.
  • Also watch polyunsaturaed oils high in Omega 6 such as corn, sunflower, safflower, soybean which are used a lot in processed food.  We already get too much omega 6 in our diets and keeping the ratio of Omega 3 to Omega 6 closer to 4:1 is better for our health.

      5.  Artificial sweeterners

  • May cause a disruption in the gut flora that can cause diabetes.
  • Recent findings in both animal models and humans indicate artificial sweeteners may contribute to both metabolic syndrome and the obesity epidemic.
  • Causes cell death changes in the brain and accelerated aging due to free radical damage.
  • Consuming food or drink containing artificial sweeteners may result in the uncoupling of the sweet taste and caloric intake.  This causes you to eat more.
  • Daily use of artificial sweeteners have been linked to significant severe weight gain, incidence of obesity, cardiometabolic risk, and even death. 

      6.  Agave Nectar

  • Contains the highest fructose of all the sweeteners.
  • Fructose is very hard on the liver and puts our body in fat storage mode.
  • Manufactured using a highly processed procedure that strips the agave juice of all nutritional value.

       7.  Peanuts and peanut butter

  • High in Omega 6 fatty acids and not enough omega 3 fatty acids. (Omega 6 contribute to inflammation in the body)
  • High in aflatoxins which are carcinogenic.
  • Peanuts often contain mold which may lead to health issues including allergies and depression.
  • Often contain hydrogenated oils.
  • If you still cannot live without peanuts or peanut butter buy organic or try almond butter.

       8.  Fruit juices (orange, apple etc)

  • Contains way too much hidden sugar.
  • Does not contain the fiber that would naturally slow down the absorption of the sugars.
  • Often even more sugar is added by the manufacturers along with colouring and flavouring.

        9.  Granola bars and granola

  • High in sugar, calories and processed grains.
  • Don’t be fooled by ingredients like honey which is actually over processed and contains none of the benefits of raw unpasteurized honey.
  • A twix bar contains almost the same calories and sugar as a granola bar.
  • Some of the ingredients may be MSG, high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils, preservatives etc.
  • Read the ingredient label well before buying.  The fewer the ingredients the better.

        10. Boxed nut and seed milks

  • Loaded with preservatives, added sugars, vegetable oils, stabilizers and thickeners to make it look and feel like milk.
  • May contain carrageenan a preservative linked to intestinal inflammation.
  • May be fortified with vitamins and minerals that our bodies may find difficult to absorb.
  • They actually do not contain a lot of the nut or seed that they are named after.
  • Good news though nut and seed milk is super easy to make at home (See below for a couple of recipes).

I hope this helps you make better choices when you go grocery shopping. 🙂


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