Food Labels Finale

I have been doing a lot of exciting nutritional research this month and can’t wait to share my findings in upcoming newsletters.

However, this month’s topic is the final one in the three part series on nutrition labels. Today we will take a closer look and a more practical approach on understanding food labels better.
I am going to take two labels and review them using the points I mentioned in the first two newsletters. I hope you use this exercise yourself to make better food choices for yourself and your family. 🙂

Dimpilmeier Organic spelt bread with wild rice – Serving 1 slice


  1. Top 3 ingredients are from whole foods/spring water.
  2. 0 saturated/trans fat.
  3. No chemical ingredients or unpronouceable ingredients are listed.

What to look out for:
1. It does contain wheat. (gluten)
2. 220mg of salt (9% of DV). Try to aim for around 5% per serving. It is sea salt which contains higher amounts of minerals.
3. You may wonder about the calorie count which is probably higher than your current bread choice. Just remember this bread is more nutrient dense and the body knows what to do with the ingredients. If the body does not recognize the ingredients it may just store them away in the fat tissue. Not a good thing.
Conclusion: This is a good whole food bread choice.

This is Kirkland organic fruity snacks – 1 pouch which is 23g.

 1. 100 % daily value for Vitamin C.    You have to ask what kind of quality though.
———— 2. 0 saturated/trans fat.
3. Ingredient list does include a lot of organic fruit juices. Much much better in a whole food form.
What to look out for:
1. Top 3 ingredients are Organic tapioca syrup, Organic cane syrup and organic apple juice concentrate. Definitely not a good thing.
2. Natural Flavours is listed under ingredients. This can actually be both natural and artificial flavours and may contain from 50 to 100 ingredients. Stay away from this misleading ingredient!!
3. Calorie count is 70 with very little nutrient quality. The 11 grams of sugar per packet will first give you a sugar rush then a sugar crash. You will be left feeling drained and wanting more. Not a good thing.
Conclusion: Don’t be tricked by the marketing as organic! Don’t buy it.

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