Secrets to Longevity

This week’s topic is longevity. I’m going to begin by saying there is no 100% guide to ensure you live long and well. However, there is evidence everywhere we look that act as signposts to direct us to the right path. Mind, body and soul…. here is what my research suggests will lead to a better longer life.
1. Be kind and understanding to yourself. Forgive yourself for anything in the past. We judge ourselves too hard and demand too much.
2. Be kind to others. Try to understand their point of view and embrace the fact that being different is okay. Put yourself in their shoes!
3. Trust your intuition and learn to listen to it. You’ll be surprised how wise it is.
4. Make better food and drink choices most of the time. Nobody is perfect and life should be lived. (However pay attention to your body and if it is unwell take the steps necessary to improve it). Understand the power of food and if you don’t, seek help from those who do.
5. Do whatever if takes to mitigate the stress in your life effectively. It kills…. quite literally. Don’t eat and drink away your stress. Learn to breathe well!
6. Deal with anything in your past or childhood that is not resolved. We all have this and I mean EVERYONE. You are not alone and shelving it just doesn’t do the trick. Bring this fear, self-doubt, memory or whatever it is out and face it. Come to terms with it and then set it free. Very important! If you need professional help to work through this then get it. Don’t judge yourself.
7. Community is important. Friends are important. Make sure you nurture these relationships. The longest living people in the world like the Hunzas and the Okinawans have a very strong sense of community.
8. Be active every day. Exercise and an active lifestyle are key to health and longevity. Build it into your daily routine. It does not have to be extreme. Walking, Biking, Yoga, Tai Chi etc.
9. Try to reduce the toxins in your life and that includes not only food but also in cleaning products, linens, soap, deodorant, air fresheners. Just be aware!!
10. Be in touch with yourself spiritually and that can be in any form that works for you. There are huge benefits!

This newsletter is intended just to get you thinking. Sometimes it is good to pause in life and reflect. Make adjustments where necessary before proceeding. Enjoy life, live long and be happy that is my wish for you all. 🙂

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