This weeks topic is Superfoods. I’m sitting here thinking, as I always do when writing my newsletter, of how I can write passionately enough to catch your attention and encourage you to make the changes necessary to optimize your health now and in the future. I know and live your challenges and understand how hard it is. Just try to make just one addition/change per week. It really will make a difference in your life. Do it slowly but steadily. No judgement. Also, for goodness sake use me. Ask me anything you want. I live for your questions. Lol!
Please ensure to read the Questions answered section at the end there is valuable information there.
Today we will focus on 5 super foods I recommend to include into your diet as often as possible.
1. Wild Blueberries (not the large cultivated ones). The unique properties and health benefits of these berries are unmatched. They will help you with disease prevention, stress management, detoxification, liver health and many many more.(Frozen is just as beneficial and often easier to find)
2. Spirulina. It is important to get a high quality spirulina from a reputable supplier. Rich in minerals which is important due to our mineral deficient soil. It is also a great source of vitamins, essential amino acids, detoxifies heavy metals, eliminates candida, boosts energy, disease prevention, builds immunity and many more.
3. Coconut water, coconut oil, coconut milk etc. I’m sure everybody has heard the benefits of this wonderful nut. Too may benefits to list here.
4. Hemp, ground flax and chia seeds. These seeds provide us with so many benefits including protein, vitamins, minerals and the all important Omega 3 Fatty acids etc. They help decrease inflammation in the body, reduces risk of heart disease, helps with growth and maintenance of body tissue just to name a few.
5. Spices and Herbs including turmeric, garlic and ginger. I put this category under one number as there are just two many beneficial herbs and spices to mention. I newsletter in the future will be dedicated to this category.

Thank-you and hopefully you enjoyed this information. 🙂

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