The Importance of Mind, Body and Spirit

This Week’s Topic is: Mind, Body and Spirit. We can eat the perfect diet and follow the best most consistent exercise routine but still end up with illness. This may be because we are more than just physical beings. Here are a few other very important factors to take into consideration.
1. Stress Management – Chronic stress even if it is just imagined can have a huge impact on our health. The key is for us to find ways to reduce negative stress. Too often we negate this part of our lives and indeed think of ourselves as stronger if we just don’t complain and push through. Make no mistake about it we MUST learn to deal with stress. Find what works for you such as deep breathing, yoga, meditation, journaling etc and practice it regularly.
2. Spirituality – A spiritual community can improve your life. This may mean church, a meditation group, a bunch of close girlfriends or even a network of great neighbours. These groups can be sources of support, may provide a sense of belonging, security and community. All very important in our overall health.
3. Hobbies – People who have a hobby often have a creative outlet, a sense of passion and a way to express their personality all very important in leading a balanced life.
4. Socialize – Don’t ever be too busy to have a social life. Make friends, talk to people remember this is what makes us happy human beings. Work should never rule your life.

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