Understanding how Stress affects your Health

This week’s topic is stress. We are all dealing with it every single day. Stress is the single highest contributor to illness. I’m sure everybody has heard the saying “stress kills” and it is TRUE!
Here is a brief explanation beginning with how stress weakens the adrenals. The adrenals are two small glands found above the kidneys that are responsible for producing very important hormones including cortisol. Cortisol is considered the stress hormone as it helps the body manage stress. The more we experience both physical, emotional, physical or even imagined stress the more the adrenals are pumping out cortisol. This adds up to a lot us having weakened adrenals from chronic stress.
If your adrenals get weakened you may suffer from the following common symptoms;
1. anxiety
2. allergies
3. recurrent infections
4. chronic fatigue
5. low blood sugar
6. depression
7. early and symptomatic menopause
8. autoimmune disease
9. chronic fatigue
10. osteoporosis plus many more

Stress related Disease includes
1. cancer
2. asthma
3. diabetes mellitus (type II)
4. heart disease
5. Infertility etc, etc, etc

What else contributes to weakened adrenals?
1. high caffeine intake
2. poor diet – high carbohydrates, high sugar, fried food etc
3. cigarette smoking
4. heavy alcohol consumption
5. many prescription drugs
6. not getting enough exercise
7. negative mental attitude
8. lack of anger control
9. desks jobs staring at computer screens for long hours
10. Balance including taking vacation every year

Take a minute and think about how you deal with stress. Do you manage it? If not (most of us don’t) it may be time to put some things in place so that stress does not impact your health now or in the future.

I know this information seems a little overwhelming and we are all very good at living in denial and just pushing on. However, lets not wait until we are dealing with a major illness to make the changes necessary for health. Let’s start today and make progress every day towards healthy longevity.

If you don’t know how to take the next steps or need guidance please reach out and connect with me.

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